Moving into a new home in Moncton (or another Canadian city) can be very exciting for the entire family but then reality sets in. Getting settled and comfortable in your new environment usually means a little work especially if you have relocated to a new city. Here are some practical tips on how to navigate this challenge:

  1. Unpack and put things away – if your mover marked cartons as to room and contents this should make the unpacking job easier.
  2. Decide what rooms should be painted- there is nothing like new paint to freshen up a home. Get your kids involved in choosing the colour for their room. This might help them adjust a little better, especially if they were apprehensive about the move.
  3. Tour your new neighbourhood – get to know where the stores are that you like to shop in (grocery, drug store, dry cleaners etc.).
  4. Do a dry run to your new place of work – drive during rush hour to get a good idea of your new commute.
  5. Introduce yourself to neighbours- you don’t have to get to know the entire street. Start by introducing yourself to neighbours on either side. Find out if they have children that are of similar age to your own. If they do, suggest a play date for the kids.
  6. Rearrange furniture – try arranging your furniture to take full advantage of your new home layout. Things don’t have to go in the exact same place as before. A fresh layout will make your new home more attractive and will make it feel like your own.
  7. Explore attractions in the area – most cities have special attractions that would be of interest to you and your children. Explore local parks and playgrounds. Take a family bike ride around your new neighbourhood.
  8. Get your children registered – if your kids played a sport or took lessons in your old location find out what is available in the new location. Contact the associations to get your children registered as this is a great way for them to meet other children in the neighbourhood.
  9. Take your children to school – accompany your kids on their first day at school. Meet their teacher(s). If one parent is a stay at home individual, volunteer to help at the school. This is a good way to meet local people and it will help acclimatize your children.

For more suggestions on how to get settled and for other moving advice, contact Premiere Van Lines Moncton at 1-506-857-0050 or Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.