It is a well-known fact that most people in Vancouver (or other Canadian cities) prefer to move during the three summer months. This is primarily because most school districts still subscribe to finishing at the end of June so the children will have completed their school year. Many psychologists feel that this can cause children to feel isolated, without new friends until the beginning of the new school year in September. 

Consider moving in the spring. Not only is the weather better in most parts of Canada, there are many other advantages including:

  1. Saving Money – moving companies may offer a lower price if you are moving outside of the busy summer season.
  2. More Personalized Attention – because there is lower demand during the spring, moving companies will have more time to help customers with personalized tips and advice on how to plan and organize their move.
  3. More Trucks Available – there is less mechanical stress on trucks during the spring since they won’t be operating non-stop as they try to fulfil the demands of the increased demand during the summer months.
  4. Easier on Children –moving children while school is still in session can be a plus. It gives them a chance to make new friends and participate in sports or other activities which will make the transition easier on them.
  5. More temperate Weather – moving in the spring means avoiding the cold, ice and snow of the winter or the excess heat and humidity of the summer.

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