Families in Fredericton (or other cities) who are moving don’t like to think about any of their valued belongings getting damaged during their move to a new location. If customers consider dealing with less than scrupulous movers, don’t be surprised to find that the topic of moving insurance (or cargo coverage as it is called in the industry) avoided all together. The reason they don’t like to talk about it is that they generally just deny all accountability if or when goods get damaged. 

Moving long distances means that the moving truck will be travelling hundreds, if not thousands of miles on the road with many other drivers. Given that many of these drivers are less than professional there is a potential for an accident. Many rogue moving companies are quick to refuse to settle any damage claims. 

Sometimes customers assume their homeowner’s insurance will automatically cover any damage that might occur during a move. This is not always the case even if your insurance broker agrees to add a rider to your policy. Even if they do this, consider that your insurance company may have more limitations than you would have with a professional mover like Premiere Van Lines.  Also, remember that once you make a claim to your insurance company, they will raise your premium rates for many years to come. 

Legitimate moving companies like Premiere Van Lines ensure that their moving consultant takes the time to discuss this important topic with all potential customers. The moving consultant will offer two separate packages. The first is the standard of 60 cents per pound per article that is part of their regulated Bill of Lading, but this coverage is generally not sufficient. Premiere also has a full replacement option at a reasonable premium cost that will provide customers with maximum protection. 

Their moving consultant will clearly explain how to make a claim. Premiere Van Lines has an online program that it will make it easy to file a claim. A destination agent is always assigned that will make arrangements for repairs with pre-vetted suppliers. This contrasts with trying to chase a rogue mover by phone or email. In addition, payment comes from Premiere’s affiliate Atlas Van Lines, so you can be confident that you will always receive any money that is owed to you.

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