Canadians in Edmonton (or other Canada cities) who are planning to move have almost endless choice in location if they are looking for somewhere they can enjoy the outdoors. Canada is a country is blessed with an abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces; many in or close to a city.  Regardless of whether you are talking about the west coast, the Maritimes or nearly everything in-between, there is a place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Long distance moving companies like Premiere Van Lines can offer you timely, cost effective service regardless of where you decide to move to. The fact that we have our own offices in all of the recommended locations is a benefit. This way we can service both your origin and destination requirements. Our local staff can offer advice and guidance for both the physical aspects of the move as well as tips of things to do in the new locale.

Everyone knows that location is important. Having access to outdoor pursuits is extremely important to some people. Canada is generally very conscious about the effects of climate change and preserving green space. People today want to be able to enjoy outdoor activities on a regular basis without having to drive for hours just to get in some outdoor time. Fortunately for active families, Mother Nature is usually nearby.

Outdoor activities are endless including: running, hiking, skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, golfing, tennis, hockey, swimming and just general exploring. Obviously, weather and seasons dictate when and where some activities can be done but for most people just getting outside is a stress reliever.

There are numerous studies done on this topic. One done by the Academy of Science found that getting outside (even just a walk on a sunny day) had numerous benefits including:

Improves short term memory
Restores mental energy
Relies stress
Reduces inflammation
Decrease the chance of poor vision
Improve focus and concentration
Think sharply and creatively
Possibly increase anti-cancer proteins
Boost immune system
Improve your mental health
Reduce risk of an early death

Even just a few of these benefits should encourage families to embrace living where being an outdoor lover is a real plus. So if you and your family are giving some thought to moving, here are a few cities that should be on your list:

Vancouver, British Columbia – A beautiful west coast city that always comes up as an outdoor lover’s paradise. It is often a place where you can go sailing in the morning and ski in the afternoon. For the less adventurous a jog or walk in beautiful Stanley Park makes for a terrific outing. Golf courses are everywhere whether you are a beginner or a champion player.

Victoria, British Columbia – This west coast gem that boasts endless opportunities for outdoor activities. The views from the inner harbour are breathtaking and hiking in Goldstream Provincial Park makes for a wonderful day. Vancouver Island ferries will whisk you other locations that will satisfy every outdoor enthusiast.

Calgary, Alberta – Another big city that has an excellent reputation for active outdoor people. With 115 marathons a year it is a runner’s paradise with many attractive routes. In addition, with just over an hour’s drive to Banff National Park people living in Calgary can spend their free time in a natural wonderland.

Toronto, Ontario –  Even though it is Canada’s largest city, Toronto shouldn’t be discounted for people who love the outdoors. The city itself has more parks, jogging trails, golf courses and green space than other cities. Hiking and rock climbing are common activities in the area of the Niagara escarpment. Water sports and skiing are abundant in both the GTA and close by in the Kawarthas, Muskoka or other leisure locations.

Fredericton, New Brunswick – This small jewel of a city has a lot to offer outdoor lovers. With the St. John and Nashwaak Rivers close by, a day spent in a canoe or kayak can be a regular outing. Runners and golfers can enjoy themselves during their free time.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – This beautiful by-the-sea city has become one of the best places in Canada to live. There is still a small town feel with every amenity you would want. For outdoor lovers the city itself and the surrounding regions of the Annapolis Valley, Bay of Fundy, South Shore, Peggy’s cove and others offer the best of the outdoors.

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