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Whether you want to live in a large exciting city with millions of residents or a smaller friendly town, Canada has it all. Families in Vancouver contemplating a move already know that they have the best of all possible worlds especially if cities are your thing. When families are looking for a new location have a series of criteria that must be met including work opportunities; affordable housing; access to health care; good schools and recreational activities for kids are quite important. Fortunately for Canadians there are options that meet these needs in nearly every part of the country. 

Money Sense magazine recently published the 100 best places in Canada to live and concluded that for families with small children it would be wise to consider the province of Quebec. The government daycare system which regulates daycare expenses mean that families would pay $200 per month on average which is approximately one tenth of the cost in nearby Toronto. It is not as difficult to obtain unlike people in Toronto who register for daycare as soon as they know that a baby is on the way. Specifically the magazine suggests Saint Bruno, Saint Constant, Mont Royal and Vaudriel Dorian, all suburbs of Montreal. Housing costs are under $500,000 and being close to Montreal means there are lots of employment opportunities. Quebec has a first-class health care system with many world class teaching hospitals for people who require specialized care. These communities all have a full complement of recreation activities and opportunities for outdoor enjoyment.

Canada has seven major cities. Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. For the most part the suburban cities and towns that surround these cities are among the most desirable for families. Each Suburban location has strong community roots which means they dedicate a lot of their tax resources to providing amenities for its residents. To the west of Toronto, Burlington and Oakville are highly ranked and are extremely attractive locations with an abundance of green space and organized recreation activities for children. The downside is the cost of housing which rivals downtown Toronto in cost for single dwelling houses which come at close to a million dollars. 

Going east or north is generally more affordable for most families and is still commutable by road or train which means that jobs are still available. The further north you go the lower the housing cost. The lesser populated provinces are generally more affordable. For instance, Weyburn Saskatchewan made the Money Sense list where just under $400,000 will buy you a nice home. People moving out of Vancouver or another large Canadian city will be surprised how far their profits from their existing home will go if they are willing to consider living in a smaller community. In Alberta, Cold Lake and Red Deer are considered excellent choices. 

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