If you are moving under 150 km, staying away from the end of the month is better, especially in the summer, as this is the busiest time for movers. Moving mid-month is usually less costly when the demand is not so high.

Summer Move

Over 60% of people move in the summer, so the demand is at its highest. Movers are stretched to capacity for their trucks, equipment, and manpower. If you do not book your move early, professional moving companies will be booked up.

Fall Move

Fall is an excellent time to move. The demand starts to ease up, and the weather is usually good, not too hot or cold.  The end of the month is usually busy. You will most likely get a better rate for a mid-month move.

Winter Move

This is an excellent time to move for better rates. Remember, there is a weather factor to consider; snow or ice can slow or stop a move completely. Professional movers will do their best to get you moved in winter conditions quickly and safely.

Spring Move

Another great time to move, especially early spring before the rates go back up. Like fall, spring is usually good weather. For late spring moves, avoid the end of the month. Anytime from the middle of the month to the third week is perfect. You will get a good crew and reasonable rates.

Many rogue movers ramp up their advertising in the busy months. Please take the time to check your mover with the Canadian Association of Movers to ensure the mover you hire is a professional.

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