For most people, their artwork is incredibly special to them. If you are using a professional mover, ask them to quote on professionally packing your artwork in specially designed cartons. If you decide to pack the artwork yourself, we recommend you purchase mirror cartons from the mover. Here are tips on how to professionally pack your artwork:

Packing Paintings and Prints with Glass

  • Put masking tape across the glass in an “X” pattern
  • Cover the glass with a piece of heavy or corrugated cardboard or foam sheet
  • Wrap the entire painting in bubble wrap
  • Secure edges of bubble wrap with masking tape
  • If putting more than one piece in the same box, pack them facing each other
  • Fill spaces in the box with crushed packing paper or similar filling
  • Close box and securely tape it, especially around the outside edges

Packing Oil Paintings

Oil paintings require particular care as their surfaces are easily damaged. If the artwork is extremely large or valuable, we recommend having the mover build a crate for it or, pack it in a specially designed mirror carton. If you will be packing the artwork, it is worth the cost to purchase mirror cartons from the mover or a store.

  • Wrap the painting in a special glassine paper designed especially for paintings
  • Wrap the entire painting in a thick layer of bubble wrap
  • Purchase Styrofoam which usually comes in 1” to 2 ½” thickness; the larger the painting, the thicker the Styrofoam needs to be
  • Cut a sheet of Styrofoam 2” wider than the size of the framed painting
  • Cut strips of Styrofoam to fit around the frame, making sure to address the depth of the frame
  • Tape the layers together securely, creating a foam package
  • Cut two large cardboard sheets the same size as the Styrofoam package so that you can fold the cardboard up over the ends
  • Tape the cardboard securely to the Styrofoam
  • Put the entire package into the correct size mirror carton, tape the carton closed

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