Whether you need to store your furniture for a few weeks or a few months, take the time to find the right moving and storage facility. Think about the investment you have made in your furnishings, and how much these items mean to you.

Storage Facilities

When researching storage facilities, there should be no vagueness on the part of the storage company. You should know exactly where this facility is, and what they use inside of the warehouse to store your items. If your possessions will be stored in the city you currently live in, visit the storage facility to see it for yourself.

Storage Location

The ideal storage location is a government inspected, climate-controlled storage warehouse facility. Professional moving companies have invested in climate-controlled, alarmed, fire-protected, and pest-controlled storage warehouses. The warehouses are inspected regularly by fire marshals and by the Federal Government.

Proper Storage Equipment

The storage facility should have proper couch racks to store your upholstered furniture items and area rugs. It should also have wooden storage pallets inside the facility to store the rest of your items. The wooden pallets help keep dust and dirt away from your shipment.

Professional Moving and Storage

A professional mover will start with a detailed listing of each item being moved and or stored. If some items are being delivered to a temporary address, they will be listed separately from the items that are going to the storage facility. When the truck arrives at the warehouse, each item will be checked off by a warehouseman to confirm receipt and the condition of the items will be noted.

Climate-Controlled Storage

A climate-controlled warehouse helps to protect your furniture even more. When a facility is too hot it can lead to excess humidity. This causes wood items to crack and mildew and mold to grow. If a facility is too cold, wood and plastic can dry out and crack. A climate-controlled storage facility it is kept at consistent room temperature.

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