Congratulations on your long-distance move! Now it is time to decide if you will be making a DIY move or hiring a professional mover.

Why hire a professional mover?

Packing and moving your furniture and belongings is more work than most people realize. It is very time-consuming and labour intensive.

Before you start packing, you must find cartons and packing paper or purchase them from a mover or store. Packing takes more time than you think, so plan to start at least six weeks before your move date. Hiring a professional mover to pack may cost more, but they do this every day. An average 3-bedroom home will take you weeks to pack. A professional mover will have it all packed and labeled within 6 -7 hours.

Other things you will need to consider on a DIY move:

  • Finding an available rental truck
  • Finding people to help you load and unload in your new city
  • Renting dollies and furniture pads to wrap your furniture
  • Risking injury to yourself and others who are helping
  • Flat tires or mechanical breakdowns along the way
  • Running into bad weather on route
  • High cost of fuel
  • Causing property damage to walls and floors at either end

These are only a few problems that may happen on your DIY move. Remember, everything must go in one trip. Considering the time and costs of a DIY move, hiring a professional for your long-distance move makes perfect sense.

Professional movers

A professional mover can provide tips on planning and scheduling your move to make it less stressful and time-consuming. Hiring a mover to pack and load your items and unload and unpack will leave you more time to say goodbye to family and friends and explore your new neighborhood.

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