Many people are under the impression that all moves are the same regardless of where you move to. Long distance moves are quite different than short distance moves. Educating yourself about the long distance moving process is critical if you want your move to be a success. The following will help you understand the process better:

1. What Type of Moving Company Can Handle a Long Distance Move?

Not all moving companies are capable of properly handling a long distance move. There are many local moving companies who do a good job when the move is a short distance. These companies have limited equipment, drivers, crews, insurance coverage, warehousing for storage, and in some cases, commercial license restrictions.

By contrast, a long distance moving company, especially one that has a national van line affiliation, can handle all types of moves including local, long distance, and international. This type of moving company has extensive resources like Premiere Van Lines who has its own multi-branch network and has access to Atlas Van Lines’ large national network.

2. Pricing on a Long Distance Move

Long distance moves are priced on the weight of the shipment and the distance being traveled. The secret to getting an accurate move quote is to work with a professional moving company that will send an experienced moving consultant to your home to view the items being moved. Using the latest moving estimating software, they will provide you with a comprehensive print-out of exactly how they arrived at the estimated weight.


If you do price shop be very wary of a company that has a rate far below that of its competitors. Also, be concerned if the company refuses to send someone to your home to perform the survey/estimate. There are a lot of fixed costs involved with running a moving company and keeping the equipment properly maintained. When fees are significantly less than every other competitor, this is an indicator that they may be a rogue mover.  

3. How a Delivery Date is Established on a Long Distance Move

Most moving trailers are 53’ in length and can hold over 30,000 lbs. of furniture and household goods. To transport these shipments in an efficient manner, moving companies use a “time transit guide” which takes the weight of the shipment and the distance to be traveled into account when establishing a delivery schedule. The transit time guide allows the mover enough time to fill up the trailer and to deliver all the shipments along the way. Companies like Premiere Van Lines are in a better position to provide you with your preferred move dates as they have more shipments to draw on.

The delivery date will be included in your moving contract. When you use a professional moving company like Premiere, you will be eligible for out-of-pocket expenses including accommodation and food if your shipment is late.

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