Professional moving companies will disassemble beds, bookshelves, dining room tables, buffets/hutches, or other furniture if it is necessary for loading them on the truck. This is part of their normal service.

Please note that IKEA and other pressboard entertainment centres, bookcases, or wardrobes require extra time. Your mover may charge an additional labour charge for disassembly and re-assembly of these items. If the items were not put together properly, or there are missing parts, your mover may ask you to sign a waiver.

Anything the movers disassemble at your current home will be reassembled at your new home unless you instruct thjem not to. This happens when people are painting, refinishing floors or having the carpets cleaned in their new home.


The beds are usually the first items the movers will re-assemble in your new home so you can sleep in your beds on the move-in night.

If you are moving within the same city and the charges are by the hour, you can save money by disassembling the beds and bookcases yourself. Be sure to put all the parts for each item you dissassemble in a bag or wrap them in paper and tape the bundle. Write on the bag or package which item they are for.

Customers Responsibility:

Your moving company will not remove anything bolted or screwed to the wall or ceiling, such as curtains rods, shelves, light fixtures, or mirrors. The customer’s responsibility is to ensure they are removed before the movers arrive.

Garden Sheds, Swing Sets, Hot Tubs

Garden sheds, swing sets, home gyms, and hot tubs need to be disassembled prior to loading. Your mover can recommend a company in your area that does this service. If you are moving a hot tub, show this to the moving consultant when they are doing the in-home survey of the items to be moved. Depending on the size of the hot tub, it may need to be shipped by an outside company or your mover may charge a bulky rate for shipping it on the moving truck. Your mover can recommend a company who can give you a price for dismantling, re-assembly, and shipping if required.

Pianos, Grandfarther Clocks, Chandeliers

Baby Grand pianos, Grandfather clocks, and chandeliers need to be disassembled, reassembled and prepared for moving. Your moving company can recommend professional companies in your area who provide this service.

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