Dos and Don’ts for Storing Your Furniture

Families in Victoria or another Canadian city who are considering storing their furniture on either a short term or long-term basis would be wise to carefully choose where their furniture is stored. Why? Considering how much money a family has invested in purchasing their furniture and other belongings they want to be certain they are safely stored so that they are returned to the homeowner in the same condition as they were prior to storage. 

When you choose a company like Premiere Van Lines you can be confident that they will carefully itemize any existing damage to your furniture before they take all of your furniture when it is moved from your home to their storage facility. That way if any damage occurs while it is in storage it can be easily identified and repaired or replaced.  There have been some news stories about furniture being haphazardly stored in old barns or other less than ideal locations. This will never happen if you choose Premiere Van Lines because they only store goods in clean and modern warehouses.

Choosing where to store your valued possessions should involve specific criteria including:

  • Always check to verify where your belongings will be stored.
  • Warehouses should be government approved (as are all Premiere warehouses)
  • Warehouses should have regular pest control programs in place
  • Warehouses should have alarm systems
  • Goods should be stored in wooden pallets not strewn about on the floor
  • Chesterfields and other upholstered goods should be stored on furniture racks
  • Upholstered goods should first be shrink wrapped
  • Area rugs shoulders rolled and placed in corrugated wrapping and placed on proper racks
  • Records should be kept as to the specific location of stored goods including pallet numbers

For more information about storing your goods contact Premiere Van Lines Victoria's Office at 250-544-2420 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office at 1-877-671-6683. 


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