Having various-sized boxes on hand is essential when you start packing. The general rule of thumb is to pack heavy items in smaller and lighter items in big boxes. This is so the boxes can be lifted safely and easily. In addition to boxes, the 7 essential moving supplies to have ready when packing are:


Bins are great for boots, shoes, clothes, and out-of-season decorations. Ensure the containers are evenly packed so the lids stay on tightly during the move. It is always a good idea to tape the lids shut as well.

Packing paper

We recommend you buy recycled newsprint from a moving company or big box store. This recyclable paper does not leave an ink residue like newspapers. This means you will not need to wash the dishes and glasses after you unpack them.

Black markers

To make it quicker and easier to unpack, write the general contents and the room each box or bin will go to in your new home.

Packing tape

Moving companies sell a special brown tape that is made for moving. It sticks in any weather, and you can write on the tape to note the room or the contents. This is great for plastic bins; you write on the tape, not the container.

Bubble wrap

It is always good to have bubble wrap on hand for extra fragile items you have and mirrors. The bubble wrap will provide more cushioning than just paper alone.


You will need scissors to cut the packing tape and bubble wrap.


You may need to disassemble some items before you pack them. Have a set of screwdrivers or a toolbox nearby when you start packing.

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