Packing can be tiring and time-consuming. To make the process easier, there are six packing essentials we recommend you have on hand before you start to pack for your move:

1. Sturdy Cartons

A range of sturdy boxes ranging from small to large. Small cartons are suitable for heavy items like books, DVDs, CDs, small appliances, and canned goods. Larger boxes are ideal for lighter items like bedding, pillows, clothes, and pots n pans.

2. Packing tape

Buy tape that is made specifically for packing cardboard boxes. You can also write on this tape to mark contents or room location.

3. Packing paper

If you use newspaper, you must wash your dishes to get the newsprint off. You can purchase plain kraft packing paper that is recyclable. It will cushion the items, and you do not have to wash the dishes after unpacking.

4. Shrink wrap

For wrapping your upholstery items to keep them clean and dry during the move. You never know what the weather will bring on move day.

5. Paper pads or blanket pads

For wrapping wood furniture and fragile items. This will help keep them safe from scratches and dents and will keep them dry.

6. Specialized packing cartons

Remember to pack lampshades as they are delicate and can crush or dent easily. They will require a large box so you can put lots of paper padding around them. You can stack smaller ones into larger ones.

Large mirrors or prints should be packed in a telescoping mirror carton, and big-screen TVs into a box specifically for moving TVs.

You can purchase packing supplies and cartons from a professional mover or big box stores. For more packing tips or a quote on your move, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.