Moving across town can be stressful, and moving out of province is even more so. Most of the arrangements will need to be done by phone and email. Pre-planning will help you face any challenge when moving out of the province.

New home

If you are moving into a condo or townhouse complex, find out if there is a loading dock and the procedures to follow to book the elevator and loading dock time. This will be crucial information as some condos have a maximum length of time for which the elevators and loading area can be used. Your long-distance moving company will need this information to ensure a truck is available during this time frame.


If you live in a house or townhouse complex, determine what size a truck will fit. Remember that overhanging trees, wires, and sharp turns to enter and exit the complex can affect the delivery truck. The large cross-country tractor-trailers can be anywhere from 65 feet to 72 feet long. If your mover has this information, they can plan your delivery with the appropriate truck size.


Many times, the cross-country tractor trailer will deliver your shipment. This means they will park on the road, in front of your house. Due to the length, the tractor-trailer may block or partially block your neighbour’s driveway. Give your neighbours lots of notice and let them know the moving company will move the tractor-trailer if they need to get out or into their driveway. Consider giving them a coffee card or a small gift to thank them.


Make the arrangements for your utilities in your new province ahead of time. Set this up so that when the movers arrive, there is light, heat, or air conditioning, depending on the time of year you move. Your realtor or building manager can help direct you to the utility companies in your new area.


Have this set up beforehand unless you are with a national cable/internet company and can transfer your service. Again, your realtor or building manager can help direct you to the companies that offer this service in your area.

School, dental, and pet records

Be sure to get your family school records transferred to the new schools. Nowadays, you can arrange to email your dental and veterinary records to your new dentist and vet. If your pets are on prescription food, ensure you will be able to purchase this food at your new vet.

Set up carton

Put all the items you will need right away in your new home, such as remotes for TVs, nuts/bolts, and screws for any items disassembled for loading. Please put them in a zip lock bag, bundle them in paper, tape the bundle, and write on the paper what item they belong to. Mark the outside of the carton “Set Up Carton.” This will be loaded last, so it is first off at your new home.

Also, have another carton labelled “Necessities Load Last.” Pack the necessities in this box, such as a coffee maker, kettle, coffee, tea, some plates, cutlery, towels, sheets, and toiletries.

You can face any challenge when moving out of the province with some planning. For more information and a free move quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.