In Canada moving companies receive the fifth most complaints with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, in recent years, complaints with the Better Business Bureau of Canada have increased by 13%. In 2010 the Toronto Police established “Project Overhaul” to investigate moving frauds and scams and CBC’s Marketplace has aired several televised investigations. One reason for these grim statistics is what the Canadian Association of Movers calls “rogue movers”. Combine this with the 750 complaints that the Canadian Association received plus 300 that were registered with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Affairs and it’s easy to see that choosing a mover without due diligence is risky.

One place to start is to verify how long a moving company has been in business. In Canada there is little to no legal legislation to starting a moving company. Basically, anyone can start a moving company and that is exactly what many “rogue” movers do. In fact, several rogues operate more than one business under different names. Most have a slick website and don’t have the necessary trucks, warehouses or trained personnel to properly handle your valued possessions.They often broker your business out to other unscrupulous people and take no responsibility for the outcome in the event of problems.

Longevity is one of the major criteria that prove a moving company really knows what it’s doing. Credible moving companies have a fleet of various size trucks and operate government approved warehouses. They also have a full complement of trained drivers and crew members to conduct the physical move. Their personnel undergo comprehensive skills training and are rated by formal quality assurance programs on their performance. Companies like Premiere Van Lines have chosen to be affiliated with a national van line to ensure there is a second layer of accountability. As a member of Atlas Van Lines, Premiere is required to meet their high standards of service on an on-going basis.  

Over the years, a well- established moving company will have served a diversified customer base including private citizens who are moving, corporations who are transferring employees and Department of National Defence members and other government employees who are being relocated. A well-established mover knows how to look after a customer’s move and they don’t take chances with their hard- earned reputations.

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