Moving in the summer from Vancouver (or other cities) is ideal from a family’s convenience perspective. The kids are out of school, it is easier for mom and dad to book vacation time and the weather is good, so all that makes moving easier. However, unless you plan ahead it can be stressful due to lack of equipment to rent for a “do it yourself move” or over-booked professional movers for a full-service move.

It is a fact that nearly 60% of families still prefer to move during the summer months particularly late June, July or August. Most people want to get settled into the new home before the new school year. This is especially true if they still want a few weeks of vacation prior to getting back into the work or school routine. This emphasis on so many people moving in the summer (particularly at the end of each month) puts a lot of stress on the moving industry.

Moving is highly dependent on men and machines. Since moving doesn’t take place 24 hours per day, these resources are required to go at full measure during the daylight hours.  Remember that the driver and the crew are not robots they are human beings. As such they can get tired if they were required to work non-stop day and night. Tired people can slow down or even get a little careless. This is not what any customer wants.

Instead you want fully trained experienced movers who work full time for a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines. You don’t want a company who takes advantage of its transient, casual workers who are posing as movers but who have minimal actual experience. These are the kind of rogue movers that seem to come out of the woodwork during the busy season. They offer an unrealistic price (that they don’t stand behind) and generally overbook so their inexperienced crews are overworked or even worse do not show up on moving day.

These pitfalls can be avoided by some careful preparation and of course by choosing only the most reputable professional movers. Here are some useful tips that will help you get a summer move that is done to your total satisfaction:

If you have an idea that you will be moving even before the house is sold and schedule is set, start by decluttering a few months early. It will give you a jumpstart on getting the house ready for sale.

Contact a professional moving company well in advance to get an estimate and book your move. Your moving company will confirm all the arrangements in writing, so you know arrangements are in place.  

Ask the moving company about a full or partial packing service. This will save you a lot of time, hard work and aggravation.

If you do decide to do your own packing, ask your moving company to estimate the number and type of each carton along with other packing materials and purchase your supplies from the mover. This way you will have what you need on hand and not waste time running out for supplies.

If a couple of days before the move you realize you won’t get all the packing completed, call your moving company and arrange for packers to finish the job.

Consider moving before the end of the school year so children can get registered in the new school and make a few friends for the summer. Some psychologists think this is preferable to going a whole summer without new friends.

Choose a moving day away from the last few days of each month. These are usually the busiest times of the summer months.

Choose a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as your moving day. Movers are less busy since a lot of people want to move towards the end of the week.

Summer moving doesn’t have to be a hassle if you choose the right professional moving company and do a little advance planning. For more information contact our Premiere Van Lines Vancouver branch or  your local Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6633.