Companies relocate their business for a wide variety of reasons. Regardless of whether your company is building a new building, leasing a few floors or an entire building there are steps a business can take to make their commercial relocation go more smoothly:

Advise Employees in Advance

People get comfortable with their work environment. They can even be a little territorial about their work- space regardless of if it is a cubicle or a private office. This is especially important if the layout of the new space is going to change. One example is a move to an open concept where employees no longer have private space.

Assign Employees to Act as Your Move Committee

A small group of people should be assigned to work closely with your moving company. People from your facility/ maintenance department and your IT department are ideal choices. It is especially important to have someone from IT involved with the move so they can coordinate computer and system requirements.

Choose Your Moving Company Carefully

The logistics and scheduling required for this type of move are unique. Not all movers are right for a commercial office relocation. Choose one like Premiere Van Lines who has a separate division and specialty equipment dedicated to exactly to this kind of move. A commercial move manager will be assigned to coordinate the move details with your in-house designated move committee.

Inform Customers, Suppliers and Other Stakeholders

Notify these individuals as far in advance as possible about the upcoming move and assure them that your normal business operations will not be severely affected. Post information on your web site and advise the name and contact information for someone in your company with the authority to deal with emergencies.

Use the Move as an Ideal Time to Purge

Use the upcoming office move as an opportunity to dispose of outdated paper, magazines, brochures etc. Consider having employees come in on a Saturday to work together getting their departments ready for the move. Order pizza to make it more enjoyable.

Have Employees Pack their own Desks

You mover (Premiere) will schedule a delivery of moving bins to each department so employees can pack and label their personal possessions. This is usually done close to moving day.

Schedule the Move to Minimize Downtime

When you move your office it’s important to get back up and running as quickly as possible. Most commercial relocations take place over a weekend. If this is not possible, assign someone to accept phone calls during the move and ensure your customers and suppliers know how to reach your company.

Notify Utilities, Internet Companies and Others in Advance

Arrange for the necessary disconnection and reconnection of services especially those related to communications well in advance of the move.

Have Computer Help Available at Destination

Once your employees arrive at their new location, they may require assistance getting their computers set up. Have adequate IT staff available. Consider having IT prepare a sheet with “tips on getting setup” to make things go more smoothly.

For more information on preparing for your commercial/office relocation contact Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683 and ask to speak to someone from the commercial relocation division.