Moving in the busy summer and fall months can be challenging. If you are planning on hiring a professional mover, book them as far in advance as possible as credible movers book up very quickly.

If you live in an apartment or condo building, book the elevator as soon as you have a move date as there may be other people moving in or out on the same day. This type of move takes longer as the items need to be moved from your unit to the elevator, then from the elevator to the moving truck.

If you hired a professional moving company the crew will be on a tight schedule so be as prepared as possible. Leave lots of time for packing so you are ready to go when the movers arrive. If you are doing your own packing, make sure everything is packed including lamp shades. Avoid using garbage bags to pack items as the bags will sweat causing dampness inside.

If possible, keep the road in front of your house clear of vehicles to leave room for the moving truck. The closer the moving truck can get to the entrance of your home, the less time your move will take. Please note that some cities require permits for this so check with your municipality to see if a permit is required.

Be prepared for weather challenges; it may be 38 degrees with humidity or a rain downpour. If it is hot and humid have lots of bottled water on hand for your family and the moving crew. Lifting heavy furniture and boxes is hard, physical work so take short water breaks throughout the move. It is a good idea to have some sports drinks on hand for those extra hot days. If you have air conditioning, keep it running during the move to keep everyone cool and comfortable.

If it rains, the professional movers will lay down extra protection on the floors and carpets. They will wrap your furniture items in quilted moving blankets and upholstered items like sofas, chairs and headboards will be wrapped in shrink wrap.

Finally, try and avoid moving into your new home on closing day. As it is the busiest time for closings, there may be delays at city hall. This means the moving truck will be sitting idle which may result in extra charges for waiting time.

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