House Cleaning Checklist for Your New Home

Remember how spotless the beautifully staged home appeared when you decided to make an offer on it? Now that it is yours, you may find that the lovely furniture and professionally arranged rooms may have masked some basic housekeeping deficiencies. As well, any home that has been lived in for a period of time, especially ones with children, can use a deep cleaning when it changes hands. Even the building contractors of a brand new home may have only done a basic cleaning before turning the house over for occupancy.

Now that the house is yours you will want it to be as clean and fresh as possible. It is always preferable to try and schedule the move-in date a few days after the actual closing. This will allow you sufficient time to get in there to dust, scrub and sanitize the house. Here is a useful housecleaning checklist for your new home.


  • Start at the top! Begin by dusting the ceilings with an extendable cleaning tool like a Swifter® duster or you can wrap a microfiber cloth around the bristles of a broom and fasten it with an elastic band. Doing this first gets the dust and dirt down before you spend time and effort to clean your floors and carpets.

Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

  • The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home” so this is one room that most people will want to give extra attention. Cooking scents, grease, and general grime can be left behind when the old owners leave, and years of use often leaves the bottom of cabinets, shelving and drawers looking worn or dirty. Begin by using a good quality all-purpose cleaner to scrub these areas; wipe down cabinet doors both inside and out, and don’t forget the hardware and hinges.
  • After cleaning cabinets, install a good quality shelf liner so that you will have a clean surface to place your dishes or other items on. This is a good time to install any dividers or other kitchen organizers as well.
  • Clean backsplash and counters with the proper cleaner for the specific surface.

Appliances and Range Hoods

  • If appliances came with the home they will usually require a good cleaning, especially the oven. Most stoves have a self cleaning feature, but even then extra attention may be required to get the inside window totally clean. Range hoods require cleaning with a good quality degreaser. Lay down old towel or rags that you’re willing to part with over the surface of the stove when cleaning the inside of the range hood so they can catch any dripping cleaning solution.
  • For the refrigerator remove all of the shelving and drawers and wash them with a mild dish liquid, rinse and dry well. Wash down the inside walls of the fridge and freezer. Should you be able to not use it for a day, allow the fridge to dry overnight by keeping the doors open.
  • Pull the refrigerator and stove away from the wall. Vacuum the back and sides that were sitting against cupboards and clean floor underneath where the appliances sit.


  • Thoroughly clean toilets, tubs and shower enclosures. You may find soap buildup in built-in soap dishes, and if possible replacement may be the easiest solution. If affixed to the wall, you may have to use a paint scraper to remove years of buildup.


  • Wipe down walls and shelves. Check that hanging bars are securely affixed. Consider adding closet organizers.

Floors and Carpets

  • Wash floors and have carpets steam cleaned. Make sure movers put down protective covering when moving furniture in. It is much easier to clean carpeting without furniture in the house.


  • Check walls to see if any require painting or touch-up. If only marked, then wash especially where there are fingerprints from kids (around door frames). If you have mismatched electrical outlet covers, consider changing them over especially if you are doing some painting and have to remove them anyway.

Duct Work

  • If possible find out from the former owners when the ducts were last cleaned. If it has been more than a few years, consider having a professional cleaning done. This is particularly a good idea if any family member has asthma or suffers from allergies. With a newly built home there is often a lot of construction debris left behind.

The foregoing house cleaning checklist may seem like a lot of work but it will result in a pristine house that you will be proud to call home. For more advice about moving and a free no-obligation cost estimate contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.

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