The words “van lines” can confuse consumers when they are searching for a moving company. The term usually refers to an umbrella organization made up of several independently owned moving companies who work together to provide moving services in towns and cities across North America.

These independently owned companies are known as “agents” for their van line. The agents provide the physical moving services and resources, including:

  • Moving consultants or salespeople
  • Packers and unpackers
  • Van operators or drivers
  • Loading and unloading crews
  • Moving vans of various sizes
  • Warehouses for short and long term storage

In return, the van line company provides back-room support services including:

  • Centralized dispatch to maximize the efficiency of loads
  • Training and quality control programs
  • Brand marketing assistance
  • Centralized customer service
  • Centralized purchasing
  • IT services
  • Administrative support

Unfortunately, several sub-standard/rogue companies have tacked on the words “van lines” to their name. Sometimes they are a single location moving company with limited resources. Even worse, they can be rogue movers who do not own a moving van. They pose as a van line to fool people to get their move.

Do your due diligence before choosing a mover. The Canadian Association of Movers does its best to protect consumers from being taken advantage of by this type of company. They will let you know if the mover you selected is a professional.

Premiere Van Lines has 11 branches across Canada. All the branches are agents for Atlas Van Lines, one of the largest van lines in North America, with 135 agents in Canada and 400 in the United States.

To get a quote on your upcoming move, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.