For families moving in Victoria, BC or other cities across Canada, keep in mind that when selecting a furniture mover: “not all furniture movers are equal”.

Every year, there are countess news reports and many social media posts outlining the details of bad movers. This is especially true during the summer months, when moving services are in high demand, therefore attracting more “rogue movers” into the marketplace.

Rogue movers are people who lure customers in with an incredibly “cheap” price and then don’t follow through with their service promises. Once a move actually takes place, the price is often double what was quoted and furniture is held at ransom until the customer agrees to pay it. Typically, these companies don’t have any of their own trucks or staff on hand. Instead they subcontract moves to anyone with a truck and agrees to do it. Booking a move with a rogue mover is extremely risky and potentially costly. To avoid this situation and choose the best furniture movers:

Get Recommendations

Choose a reputable company by asking trusted friends and family for recommendations. Anyone in your circle with personal experience or knows a professional mover can lead you to finding the right fit. At Premiere Van Lines, we’re exceptionally proud that a large percentage of our business comes from referrals. Positive testimonials from satisfied customers a great way to tell if a furniture mover will deliver as promised.

Cost Estimates

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to have a moving company representative come to your home to view exactly what’s being moved. This ensures local move costs are precisely calculated based on the number of men needed and hours required to complete the move.  For long distance moves, the move cost is tied to the total-scaled weight of your shipment. A per hundredweight charge is obtained from the moving company/Premiere Van Lines’ tariff schedule.

Customized Services

In addition to determining transportation cost, a good furniture mover will help plan all aspects of your move based on personal need. With Premiere Van Lines, our professionals provide packing tips and offer options like quality packing materials at reasonable price. We can also arrange for third party services such as: appliance disconnection/reconnection, auto transport, pet relocation, housecleaning etc. at our corporate discounted rates to help save more money.

Things to Watch Out For

When requesting a moving estimate be suspicious of any company that refuses to send a representative to your home. This can be a “red flag” that they’re not a full-service moving company and may be in the rogue movers category. An exception to this rule is if you’re only moving a small quantity of goods or live in a remote location. In these circumstances, Premiere will suggest a comprehensive telephone estimate.

Finally, ensure you get cost estimates in writing, with details of all charges and taxes included. Be wary of a one-line price with no information about how costs were calculated. Doing your due diligence by following these tips will assure you choose the best furniture mover for the job.

For more information and a free, no-obligation estimate, call our Premiere Van Lines Victoria Branch at 250-544-1420 or contact your local Premiere Van Lines office today.