Moving into your first home or moving to a larger home is very exciting! Knowing where you want your furniture placed in advance will make your move go more smoothly. Movers like Premiere Van Lines are always cooperative and will move furniture from one room to another. However, moving that piano from the basement to the third floor may be a bit too much to ask!

Like decluttering before the move, getting settled in your new home is an ideal opportunity for a fresh start. Your old house may have had some drawbacks in terms of size or room arrangement. Moving is your chance to create a floor plan that meets all your family’s needs.

Start with how you want your new home to look. Take time to look through design magazines like “House Beautiful, Style at Home or Canadian Interiors” as this will give you visuals to help you decide how you want your rooms to look. Once you have chosen your new home you may want to take photos and measure all the rooms. This will give you a good idea of how much space you have to work with.

You can draw up floor plans by freehand or take advantage of the free software that is available like “Smart Draw, Room Sketcher or Sweet Home 3D”. A quick internet search will turn up several other programs that you may want to consider.

The next step to creating a floor plan is to develop an inventory of the furniture pieces you already own for each room. If you are moving into a larger home, you may need to purchase some new furniture. Most design magazines have a section that lists where specific pieces can be purchased. This information also indicates the size/ measurements to help you determine if they will fit into your floor plan. Do some armchair shopping to identify the items you want to purchase.

You can use the software to place your existing furniture and/or the pieces you plan to purchase to create a digital floor plan. Once this is done you can have it printed at a local business supply store. Have an extra copy printed for the mover; this will help them to move your furniture exactly where you want it placed.

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