How to Downsize Your Home

You are officially an empty nester, the kids are out of the house and have been gone long enough that you’re sure they aren’t coming back. At least you hope! This is your time to finally downsize your home and move into a smaller house or condo. It is an exhilarating feeling making that decision, until you start looking around your suburban home and see how much stuff you have accumulated. “Baby Boomers” in particular are a generation of people who are extraordinarily house proud. Over the years, many boomers have purchased tens of thousands of dollars on furnishing and improving their homes. So when faced with the challenge of how to downsize your home you may need a little help.

The following tips on how to downsize your home will help guide you through this process so you can start fresh, living with only those possessions that you really love and need.

Items Belonging to Your Adult Children

Just because your children have moved out, doesn’t mean they’ve taken everything they own with them. Contact your children to let them know about your plans. Tell them to make a list of any items they have left behind that they want, and that anything they don’t need will be donated.

Decide What to Keep

This will be the most difficult part of the process. Go through your home room by room and make a list of the items you absolutely want to keep. This applies to all of your household possessions, like those five sets of dishes sitting unused in cupboards. Unless you are planning to buy new furniture for your new home you will have to decide which pieces of your existing furniture to keep. If you haven’t chosen your new home yet, you may have to revisit your list once you know exactly how much space you will have.

Resist the Urge to Store Unnecessary Items

When cutting down your must item list, resist the urge to think about renting a storage unit where you can keep old furniture that won’t fit into your new home. Unless there is a distinct possibility that someone you know will need these items within a few months of your move, don’t do it. You will only end up spending money keeping things that will eventually have to be disposed of at some point in the future.

Decide What to Do with Items You are Not Taking


High End Furnishings

You may be able to recoup a small percentage of the money spent on high-end furniture. Contact reputable antique and secondhand dealers. Depending on the value and quantity they may arrange to either auction or have an “estate sale”.

Garage Sale

If you are up to the work, then having a garage sale is another option for disposing of unwanted goods. Make sure you advertise your sale online as well as by posting signs in the neighborhood.


Once you know what items you are not keeping or selling, then donating them is the best choice. There are numerous organizations that will accept donations of furniture, household goods, clothing, electronics, sporting equipment and other possessions. A number of them will arrange for pickup at your home. Some of these companies will remove the items from your house but others require things to be brought to the curb.

Junk Removal

Every homeowner has items that are no longer useable, which is why junk removal companies have sprung up all across the country. They are a convenient option to renting a truck and hauling your own trash to the local disposal centre. Most of these companies will remove items from wherever they are located.

Hopefully the foregoing tips on how to downsize your home will be helpful. The next step will be choosing a reputable moving company to help you plan and coordinate your move!

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