A lot of families moving in Winnipeg (or other Canadians cities), often don’t usually think about safety when they are moving. Obviously moving is a busy time in a family’s life with lots of things going on so a safe move may not be top of mind. 

If you are thinking about a “DIY” move, then safety is a major consideration. Unless you are in the moving business, you and your friends (who will be helping) are generally not equipped to handle a move in the same way as those who do it for a living.  The potential for injury should never be discounted. Injuries can range from the minor to something more serious. Even if it is just throwing your back out it often means a couple of days off work and maybe a few visits to a chiropractor. All of this causes both cost and inconvenience. And of course, the chance of personal injury increases with the age of the people involved. 

Once you have an entire house of belongings to be moved you may want to consider the value of leaving the job to the moving professionals like Premiere Van Lines. Moving is hard and tiring work and requires specialized equipment to meet every moving need. Premiere trucks come standard with the right dollies, appliance carts, piano skids, decking for the truck or other moving equipment needed to get the job done. They can even arrange for cranes for things that must be moved out of an upper storey window.

Premiere movers are not amateurs. Moving is something they do every day and as a result know the best way to move your possessions no matter how large or awkward. They are trained and skilled in the best way to disassemble and reassemble those items that require it. They know about moving items out of rooms that have difficult access and do it safely without injury to your property or to themselves. Experienced movers know how to handle any moving situation that might arise because they are moving professionals. 

There are a few basic steps that you as the homeowner can take to prepare your home for a safe move including:

  • For winter moves make sure walkways and driveways are shovelled
  • Put down ice repellant if the weather is extremely cold
  • Check your property in advance for loose paving stones and try to secure before the move
  • If you have done your own packing don’t stack cartons so high that they might topple over
  • If you have self packed, don’t put all the cartons in one room thus making it difficult to move around
  • Consider sending your children to family, friends or a sitter for the day so they are not underfoot during the move
  • If you can’t send your cat or dog to stay with a friend during the move, then put them in a bathroom or secure them properly in the backyard. There are many stories of cats that hitch a ride on a moving van or dogs that got out and ran away
  • Don’t have so many people present during a professional move that they just get in the movers’ way
  • Have some cold water available for movers especially in the summer months and maybe hot coffee in the winter…remember movers are people too and greatly appreciate this gesture

For more information about a safe move contact us at our Winnipeg office at 204-925-7725 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683 or your local Premiere Van Lines Branch at 1-877-671-6683.