This blog will discuss how far in advance you should contact a moving company outside of a last-minute relocation. If you are moving last minute, please get in touch with a moving company immediately to ensure they can service your move.


The summer months are the busiest time of year for professional movers. People with children like to wait until their kids are finished school. The busiest summer months are June, July, and August, and the end of the month is the busiest overall.

If you are moving in the summer, we recommend you contact a moving company at least 6-8 weeks in advance. If you plan to move at the end of the month, we recommend contacting a moving company eight weeks in advance. Moving mid-month is another option; professional movers will have more availability.


April and May month ends are busy times for movers in the spring. Many corporations and the Federal Government start relocating employees during these two months.

We recommend you contact a moving company 4-6 weeks before a spring move, especially if you are moving at the end of the month.


Winter moves are not people’s first choice, but there are some benefits to moving in the winter months. Trucks and moving crews are more available, and you can save money as the rates go down in the winter.

We recommend contacting a mover 3-4 weeks in advance for a winter move. Be sure to clear a path to the garage and shed so the moving consultant can look inside to see what will be moving.

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