Choosing to move to a new city can be a daunting experience for many people. For most, employment is the main factor for moving. Once the decision is made then the next big decision is choosing the neighbourhood where you will settle. Depending on your individual circumstances, the criteria for deciding on a new location can vary. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Buy or Rent?

Purchasing a home is a major investment. Once you have narrowed down which areas of a city appeal to you, consider renting on a short- term lease before you decide to buy. Even if you require a single- family home instead of a condo or apartment investigate the possibility of renting. This will give you time to live in a specific area before deciding to buy your own residence.

Getting Assistance from Employer

Your new employer can be a valuable resource, especially your new co-workers. They can show you areas of the city that appealed to them and their families and acquaint you with what those areas have to offer.


No one wants a long commute especially if you are moving from a smaller centre to a major city. Start by concentrating on neighbourhoods that are within a reasonable commuting distance.

Public Transit

If you decide to live in an area that is a significant distance from your work make sure there is a reliable transit available. This often occurs in a large city where house prices might be out of  range and public transit is the best option.


Realtors can provide you with current statistics on schools in theire area. Make sure you take this into account when choosing a neighbourhood. Make an appointment for a personal tour of the elementary or high schools in your area so you can meet the teachers and principals and see first- hand how students interact with each other.

Recreational Activities

Most communities have local recreation centres, sport teams and dance studios. Choose a neighbourhood that has activities that would appeal to your family members. Visit in advance to get a sense of how well they will be received by your family. You also want an area that has some local parks or other green space.


Do you want your new neighbourhood to have the basic amenities you use on a regular basis including grocery stores, bakeries, drug store, dry cleaners etc.? If you eat out regularly you will want a decent selection of restaurants in or near your neighbourhood.

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