Ideally people moving from Victoria or another city have weeks (or even months) to plan and get ready for the big day. Sometimes things don’t work out that way. A sudden job posting or a buyer who moves up a closing date are couple of reasons that you may have a last minute move to handle. Moving in a rush doesn’t lend itself to a “DIY” move. There generally isn’t enough time to make the necessary arrangements like renting the truck or finding friends or family to help out (not to mention last minute packing of your belongings).

This is the situation when it makes a lot of sense to call a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines. We are experts at handling any type of move, even a last minute one. Our fleet of trucks are always available and our trained drivers and skilled crew members are just a phone call away. A Premiere Moving consultant will meet you in your home, at your convenience and this individual will accurately assess exactly what is required and will provide you with a detailed cost estimate that will itemize all of the services you require for a successful last minute move. Premiere can take care of everything for you including packing and unpacking of all of your possessions, moving your car and even servicing your appliances for the move.

Premiere’s operation department will schedule the move to get everything loaded up exactly when you want and arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.  Using a moving company for a last minute move takes all of the pressure off you and your family. You can confidently leave all of the details in their very capable hands.  After all, moving is what Premiere does every day. This leaves you to free to concentrate on what is important to you and eliminates the stress that is normally associated with moving

For more information and a free no obligation estimate for your upcoming move, call Premiere Van Lines Victoria at 250-544-1420 or contact Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.