Anyone who has ever moved knows that proper packing is the secret to a successful move, especially if you are moving long distance. Packing is hard work and time consuming. If you have the budget consider hiring a moving company like Premiere who have quality materials and skilled, experienced personnel to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Or, consider having your mover do a partial pack of all the breakables as these items require more care.

If you are doing some or all your own packing, there are ways to save time on packing and unpacking. Organization is key. Since packing is time consuming try to break it up into stages. Do some each day rather than leaving the entire job to the last minute which many of us do!

  • First, make sure you have an adequate supply of the right size of cartons. You can buy what you need at a nominal cost from a Premiere Van Lines. They have the right cartons for every item in your home. They also have packing paper, tape and other supplies.
  • Start with out of season items that you don’t require day to day. A good place to start is the garage, garden shed or storage location. Be sure to mark the room location on the carton and a general listing of the contents. This will make unpacking faster.
  • Pack one room at a time. Mixing items from different rooms will make unpacking more difficult. Don’t under pack cartons as they will have to be stacked on the truck and may get crushed. Use extra packing paper or towels to fill the empty carton spaces. Each carton should not weigh more than 50 lbs to make moving easier.
  • Use wardrobe cartons for clothing in your closets. You can hang them directly in the wardrobe carton, so they won’t get wrinkled during the move. Unpacking will go quickly since you will be able to take these items directly out of the wardrobe carton and hang them in your new closets.
  • Consider washing dishes before wrapping them in clean packing paper. That way they can be unwrapped and placed directly in your new cupboards without having to be rewashed.
  • If you mark the correct room location on your cartons, the movers will put them in the right place. This will help you stay organized when unpacking.

Ask Premiere Van Lines for their packing guide which will give you tips on the best way to pack your possessions. For more information about packing for a move contact Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.