Managing an office move can be a daunting task. There are steps you can follow to make the office moving process more manageable:

Keep Your Employees Informed

Give your employees as much notice as possible and get them involved in the move. This is important if their environment will be changing from cubicles to open office space. The more information you can give them and the more invested they are, the more at ease they will feel.

Assign a Move Committee

Assign a small group in your company to collaborate closely with your moving company. An office person and an IT person at a minimum and, if you have a maintenance person, they will make a great addition to the team.

Notify Utilities

Arrange to have the utilities disconnected and reconnected at your new location. Ensure they have the contact number of your key employees in case they need to contact your company on moving day.

Contact Office Moving Companies

Not all movers have office moving experience. Choose companies that have specialized equipment and experienced office moving personnel. The moving company will assign an office move manager to coordinate all the details with your move committee.

Notify Customers and Suppliers

Contact your customers and give them as much notice as possible about the upcoming move. Start emailing or mailing change of address notices two months out from the move date. Put the information on your website as well.

Purge Before the Move

Moving is an excellent time to sell, dispose, of, or give-a-way office furniture, papers, and outdated marketing materials. Why pay to move these items? Have a group of employees come in on a weekend to sort through everything. Make it fun with a pizza lunch.

Packing Desks

The moving company will arrange to have plastic moving bins, and file boxes delivered ahead of time, so your employees to pack up their desks and belongings. Assign employees to pack up the common areas or have the mover do this.

Reduce Downtime

In most cases, office relocations take place on the weekend to minimize downtime and disruption to your business. If this is not possible, assign key people to take calls during the move and give this information to your customers and suppliers ahead of time.

Have your IT team in place at both locations to disconnect and move the servers and set them up at the new site. To ease the burden on IT, have a tip sheet handy on setting up your computer for the employees to use.

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