How to Move Large Appliances

Are you thinking about doing your moving yourself? After all, what is the big deal with moving? It’s just furniture and boxes. Then you remember you have a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and a stove to move which makes you stop and think, how do you move large appliances?

Professional movers know that it takes skill, equipment and experience to move large appliances and other household possessions safely. Not only do you want your possessions to arrive in their original condition, you don’t want to damage floors or walls of either home in the process. This is one of the many reasons people choose to use a professional moving company. If you are moving locally, choosing to hire a professional to move large appliances, while you take boxes and smaller belongings is another option.

Before you make a final decision ask yourself if it really makes sense to move your appliances. Including appliances with the home is sometimes a deal breaker for a potential purchaser. If this isn’t the case with your home sale and your appliances are in good condition, then they must be moved.

Preparing to Move Large Appliances

Large appliances require some advance preparation prior to being moved safely. Here are a few basic tips:

Washing Machine:

  • Turn off water faucets and disconnect drain hoses
  • Make sure it is completely dry inside, in hoses and drains
  • Wrap connector end of hoses and store them inside the appliance
  • Secure washer tub per manufacturer’s instructions


  • Disconnect electrical cord, wrap it tightly and tape it to avoid knotting
  • If you are moving a gas dryer, call your utilities company for gas safety procedures


  • Tape electrical cord to side of fridge, or wrap tightly and tape
  • Remove shelves
  • Clean the inside and leave open for a day to properly dry
  • Contact a service technician if you have an ice maker or water dispenser
  • On day of move tape the doors closed or use mover’s straps


  • Run a cycle then when finished leave the door open for 24 hours to completely dry
  • Remove racks
  • Shut off electrical and water supply
  • Disconnect water line and drain hoses
  • Wrap hoses and store inside dishwasher or pack separately
  • Lock and tape door closed
  • Tape cords and outside hoses to the side or back of unit


  • Remove racks from oven
  • Remove or tape all knobs
  • Remove surface grates if a gas stove
  • Have a technician disconnect a gas line if necessary
  • Rent the Proper Equipment

If you are determined to move large appliances then the following is equipment that will make the job much easier and safer.

Appliance Dolly

This is a metal framed piece of moving equipment shaped like the letter “L” with handles at the top and a flat plate at the bottom. It is very easy given to move given it has tires. Make sure you get a dolly with a weight capacity that is adequate for your appliances.

Furniture Pads

These are quilted, heavy duty protective blankets specifically made for moving.

Furniture Straps

While you can try using rope to secure appliances to the dolly, it makes more sense to rent proper furniture straps that won’t damage or rub off on your appliances.


Sliding pads, sometimes called gliders, offer the best way to move appliances across your floors so there are no scratches or other damage.


As you can see moving large appliances is a lot of work, so consider if this is a job you really want to do yourself or if you should call a professional like Premiere Van Lines. Find the Premiere branch closest to you to arrange for your upcoming move.

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