If your long distance move from Edmonton, Alberta (or another Canadian city) includes one or more musical instruments you already know that extra care is needed. Musical instruments generally have both monetary and sentimental value to the owner. They are also rather delicate so expert packing is necessary for their safe transport from one city to another.

Musical instruments can range in size from a massive upright piano down to smaller items like a guitar.

Regardless of whether you are a member of a band or just play an instrument for your own pleasure, the last thing you want to happen is for your musical instrument to get damaged during your move. The best way to prevent this from happening is to employ the services of a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines. You want someone who has extensive experience as the mover of musical instruments.

Packing Materials

A professional musical instrument mover will use the highest quality packing materials to properly protect your valuable musical instruments. Packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, professional grade packing boxes or custom built wooden crates will be used to prepare these fragile items for transport.


Clean, heavy duty quilted moving pads will be used to protect the finish of large instruments like pianos. Since pianos generally weigh a minimum of 500 lbs. a professional mover who has experience with these instruments will have the proper dollies and piano skids to move one safely. Your mover will remove the legs on a grand piano as they are subject to breakage. By removing the legs it is also easier to move the piano through doorways. A professional mover will also carefully secure the piano in place on the truck so that it doesn’t move during transport. You should also plan on having your piano tuned at destination.

Drum Sets

Drum sets are very vulnerable to scratches so a professional mover will take every precaution to protect both the integrity of the drum and the outside finish of metal parts. Your drum set will be carefully disassembled and the hardware labeled and placed in a hardware bag for easy reassembly. The legs will be removed and wrapped individually in bubble wrap before placed in an appropriate size carton. The heads will be removed and packed with lots of cushioning. Cymbals will be removed and also wrapped in bubble wrap. Stands will be folded and packed or padded.


If you have hard cases for your guitars then they do not need to be packed in cartons. However, the guitar inside the case will be wrapped in packing paper to keep it from moving around inside the case. The hard cases can just be wrapped in a padded moving blanket to protect the outside of the case, however, if you only have soft cases or no cases then the guitars will be completely wrapped before being put in a carton or crate. Guitar straps and other accessories should be removed and strings should be slightly loosened.

Other instruments

Depending on their size (i.e. an organ, keyboard, trumpet, saxophone etc.) these will also be prepared for transport using professional packing and padding techniques.

As you can see, moving musical instruments require proper packing or other preparation in order to ensure that they are not damaged during a move.

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