The question “How much should you tip your movers?” is something our moving consultants get asked all the time. Tipping a mover is discretionary and is always up to the customer.

How much should I tip?

Moving is physical and hands-on work, and the crews often move people in the rain, cold, snow, or heat. Tipping is appreciated if your moving team is pleasant, respectful, and did a good job. The general rule of thumb is to tip $5-$15 per crew member, depending on the size of your move, and if they exceeded your expectations.

What should you do if your moving team does not do a good job?

If your moving team needs to perform better, the best thing to do is contact the moving company right away. They can talk to the driver to ensure the rest of the move is handled carefully and to your satisfaction.

Is tipping the only way to show appreciation for a moving crew?

There are other ways to show appreciation instead of a cash tip. Coffee, pop, and a treat like donuts or muffins are always appreciated. If the moving crew is loading and unloading the same day, instead of a cash tip, some people offer to buy them a sub or sandwich.

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