The following tips apply whether you are moving and setting up a new kitchen or want to better organize your current kitchen. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen so investing some time and energy into organizing it makes sense.

Step 1: Declutter:

  • Discard any open dry food that is stale
  • Check for expired food cans – discard
  • Pots n Pans – discard worn pans, donate if you have more than one of the same size/type
  • Baking dishes and pans – donate what you do not use
  • Crock ware – check for cracks and chips, donate what you no longer use
  • Tupperware – discard any that are no longer usable or containers that have missing lids
  • Small appliances – discard any that do not work, donate what you no longer use
  • Dishes – check for cracks, chips, and staining, donate odd pieces
  • Glassware – discard any that have chips or cracks, donate glasses you no longer use

Step 2: Organize

  • Put dry foods like rice, beans, and cereals in clear coloured containers. Not only will this free up space; you can easily see what you need to buy when making your grocery list
  • Put seldom-used appliances in the back of cupboards, ones you use regularly in the front
  • Use large serving bowls to put fruit in to free up space in your cupboards
  • Group like items together such as baking supplies, baking pans
  • Buy drawer dividers to help keep small items organized and easy to find
  • Invest in stacking storage containers
  • Put holiday dishes/ platters/bowls in a box or large wicker basket; store in the basement
  • Use the inside of cupboards to hangs lids, tea towels, frying pans
  • Hang utensils and pots on a rack close to the stove to save cupboard space

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