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How to Pack Clothes for Moving & Storage

Most people moving from Vancouver (or other cities in Canada) have a lot of their hard- earned money invested in their belongings including their clothing. These days the value of clothing can be very significant, so it makes sense that extra care be taken to move these items. Paying for dry cleaning (which can be very expensive) or the sheer work of washing and ironing all your clothes is something that no one wants to be faced with after a move.

The worst thing you can do on a move put your clothes into plastic garbage bags. This will cause wrinkling and possibly dampness when they arrive at your new home. The best way to avoid this is to choose to move with a company like Premiere Van Lines and have them prepare your clothing for the move. Premiere will use their professional quality, heavy duty wardrobe containers for your hanging clothing. These specially designed cartons have strong hanging bars that will accommodate your dresses, suits or coats ensuring your clothing arrives at destination in “ready to wear condition”.

After the move, these wardrobe containers are ideal for out of season storage. If you are moving locally, it may be possible to “rent” wardrobe containers from Premiere for self packing.

If your move includes either short- term or long- term storage, then preparing your clothing properly is even more important. In a storage situation, the “where” of storage is critical. With Premiere, your items will be kept clean and dry in wooden pallets. Their warehouses are temperature, pest controlled and alarmed for maximum protection. If you are self packing for storage here are some packing tips for storage situations:

  • Use clean, dry plastic bins with lids for folded clothing items
  • Only use vacuum sealed bags for very short- term storage
  • Wash clothes before packing
  • Purchase wardrobe containers from Premiere for hanging items from closets
  • Don’t use mothballs, instead use wooden cedar balls or use lavender bags or dryer sheets between folded items
  • Stuff packing paper into shoes to retain their shape and wrap up in more packing paper to keep shoes from getting scuffed
  • Pack wrapped shoes and handbags in professional quality cartons obtained from Premiere- use 2 cubic foot sized cartons

For more information about getting your clothing ready for a move or for storage call our Vancouver office at 604-530-2221 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.

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