Once you have decided to move, the next thing is to go through your apartment and storage locker and decide what you want to move, donate, or throw out.


  1. Arrange for a moving quote from a professional mover so you will know what to budget for your move.
  2. Notify utilities of the move date (if you pay them each month).
  3. Book the elevator and loading dock at each location for the move-out and move-in.
  4. Notify your insurance company of the move.
  5. Do a change of address at the Post Office.
  6. Start notifying the bank, credit card companies, cable, internet, phone companies, and memberships you may have of your move date and new address.
  7. Purchase mirror cartons and packing paper from your mover for mirrors, prints, and paintings. If this is not possible, wrap the items first in packing paper, then bubble wrap and tape.
  8. Use your linens to fill up boxes and for extra protection.
  9. Label each bin or box with the general contents and what room they will be going in. You can also use markers to colour code – blue for living room, green for dining room, etc. This way you will know in a glance what room they go in at your new home.
  10. Ensure anything affixed to the walls is taken down and packed before the movers arrive. Movers do not remove items that are attached to the walls.
  11. Disassemble beds and wall units. Put the nuts/bolts and screws in a baggie, wrap it in packing paper, tape it, and write the name of the item they belong to on the package.


  • We recommend that you take pictures of the back of the electronics before you disassemble them. This way, you can follow the images to re-assemble them.
  • Pack a box with necessities you will need right away, such as toiletries, coffee maker or kettle, coffee/tea, snacks, remotes, paper towels, paper plates, cups, utensils, etc.
  • Ensure you have everything packed and ready to go when the movers arrive. On a move within the same city, the driver and crew get paid hourly, saving time and money.
  • Do a walk-through of the apartment once everything is loaded to ensure nothing is left behind. Be sure to check the storage locker as well as the bike rack.

For more moving tips or to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation apartment moving quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.