People moving out of Vancouver (or other cities in Canada) sometimes don’t think about how important it is to pack their belongings properly. This is particularly true for fragile items like china, crystal, collectibles and other items easily broken. The same thing holds true for artwork, mirrors, antiques and glass tabletops.  And if you are moving long distance it is even more critical.

Most families these days have at least two sets of dishes. One for everyday and another for special occasions. The latter are the ones that many people insist on washing by hand rather than trust them to the dishwasher. Fragile items like these may have been wedding gifts or passed down from family members. Sometimes they may even have a themed set of dishes that is only used on specific holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It is quite often impossible to replace part of a set if something gets broken during the move. If you are fortunate enough to have valuable antiques you know how devastating it is if it gets damaged during the move. Antiques are extremely fragile and need special packing techniques and materials to move them safely from one location to another. 

Regardless of whether the value of these fragile items are monetary or only sentimental, they need special packing care before being moved. If you are at all concerned about your fragile items arriving at destination in the same condition as before the move, you owe it to yourself to consider having Premiere Van Lines to do the packing for you.

Premiere Van Lines skilled, experienced packing teams know exactly what is needed to protect your fragile items.  They only use the highest quality of packing materials including specially designed, triple walled china cartons, chandelier cartons, telescopic mirror/artwork cartons, clean, white packing paper, bubble wrap etc. If needed for antiques, sculptures or other similar items they can build custom crates. 

Another important aspect of packing is doing so in a manner that allows the cartons to be stacked on the truck without crushing. Premiere Van Lines are expert at this and ensure that all packed cartons sustain the move without any damage. Time can also be an issue for most people. Packing fragile items must be done very carefully and this can be time consuming. Even if you decide to do your own packing to save money, you should at least consider having Premiere handle the fragile items. It will give you peace of mind knowing it will be done right.

For more information about Premiere Van Lines Vancouver’s packing service and to get a free, no obligation quote, contact us at 604-530-2221 or call 1-877-671-6683.