If you are fortunate enough to have family heirlooms like antique furniture passed down from previous generations, you know how much these items mean to you. Antique furniture is usually incredibly beautiful; made by craftsmen who took great pride in their work.

Antique furniture is handmade and hand-assembled. Each layer of finish is carefully applied to provide the luster that makes the furniture glow. That is why moving or storing antique furniture requires extra care and attention. Proper preparation is essential to ensure the antique furniture being moved or stored does not sustain damage from its original condition.


Your Premiere Van Lines moving consultant will take photos of your antique furniture and any other items that require extra care. These photos will be given to the Premiere packing/crating crews so that they can plan the best way to prepare these pieces for moving. We always recommend that you take your own photos as well. Photos should be taken from as many angles as possible including close-ups of any pre-existing damage.


Your Premiere Van Lines moving consultant will advise you to get your antique furniture appraised before it is moved. This is important to ensure that you assign the correct value when purchasing cargo protection coverage from the moving company.

Professional Packing

The secret to moving antique furniture without damage is three layers of protection using high-quality packing materials and skilled packers. The first layer of protection is to protect delicate surfaces from scratching and marring. The second layer is to protect your antique furniture from vibration during transport. The third layer is the ultimate safety feature which is usually a custom-built crate to fully encase the piece.

Moving antique furniture is better left to a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines who have the expertise to properly prepare the pieces for transport. Moving or storing antique furniture requires extra attention but if it is done correctly, these pieces will be in your family for generations to come.

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