The more prepared you are for a move, the better it will go. If you hired professional movers to pack your belongings, here are things you can do to prepare for their arrival:


Go through your closets, rooms, basement, and garage and decide what you can sell, give away, or donate to a charity. Why pay to have these items packed up and moved?

Remove items from walls

Remove anything attached to the wall, such as curtain rods, shelves, mirrors, as movers will not remove anything bolted or attached to a wall.

Remove draperies (if you will be taking them with you) from the curtain rods, so they are ready for the packers to pack.

Flammable and corrosive items

Paints, varsol, laundry detergents, bleach, household cleaning items, and many toiletry items are flammable and corrosive. By law, movers cannot transport dangerous goods on the moving truck.

If you are driving to your new home, the packers will put these items into cartons for you to take in the car.


Use up all your freezer food before the move. If you are moving within the same city, the movers will load the freezer last on the moving truck, so it is the first thing off at your new home. Please be aware that perishable food is shipped at the owner’s risk, and the movers are not liable for spoilage.

If you are moving long-distance, the freezer must be emptied, defrosted, and dry for move day.


Unless you are moving across the city, we recommend taking them with you in the car or giving them away to family and neighbors. Plants are perishable, and the mover is not liable if you decide to transport them on the moving truck.


Ensure you unload the dishwasher before the packers arrive, so all the dishes are together and ready for packing.

Necessity Box

Gather items you will need right away at your new home like paper plates, utensils, cups, coffee maker, kettle, coffee and tea, toiletries, paper towels, and start putting them aside. When the packers arrive, let them know the box needs to be loaded last on the moving truck, so it is first off at your new home. Or if you are driving, take it with you in the car.

Set-Up Carton

The packers will start a set-up box for the parts from disassembled items. They will wrap them in a bundle and note the name of the piece they belong to on the wrapping paper. The driver will use this set-up box for anything he or his crew disassembles on move day.

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