Families in Victoria, British Columbia (or any city in Canada) know that unpacking and setting up the new household can almost be the most frustrating part of moving house. Consider how exhausted you are from both the physical and stressful aspects of moving. One part of unpacking that people sometimes forget is their clothing.

Because clothes are not breakable families sometimes resort to just jamming clothes into a bag or box when they pack. Unfortunately, they totally forget how wrinkled and unwearable most of them will be when you pull them out of the bag or box. This is especially true with work clothes like suits, skirts, dresses, blouses, blazers etc.  This means that someone must take time out of their busy day to iron these clothes or spend the money having them dry cleaned.

The easiest way to avoid this dilemma is very simple…pack properly in the first place. This means using the right carton for the job. For the organized moving family this means using a proper wardrobe box. Moving companies like Premiere Van Lines can rent wardrobe cartons to customers if you are moving locally. If your move is a long distance one (usually a minimum of 150 miles from origin to destination) then you can purchase the wardrobe containers from the moving company.

The added advantage to purchasing wardrobe cartons from the moving company that it becomes the ideal storage container for out of season clothing after the move. This way, out of season clothes stay in one storage spot and are clean, unwrinkled and ready to wear when the time comes.

Wardrobe containers are manufactured of:

Heavy duty, double walled corrugated cardboard
Are 24” x 22” x 48” in size
Has a strong hanging bar
Has a maximum of 150lb. on hanging bar

By using wardrobe cartons, you can simply take clothing that is already on hangers and place them on the wardrobe bar where they will hang just as they do in a closet. For the best possible results, it makes sense to divide the items by type when packing wardrobe containers. Don’t overpack the wardrobe containers so that clothing is squished. Think about how you use your closet. If your hangers are so close and over-lapping clothes don’t hang properly and stay unwrinkled. If you are moving long distance it is best not to pack too many things in the bottom of the wardrobe. If you must, just make sure they don’t have loose or sharp parts that might catch on clothing.

If time is an issue Premiere Van Lines can offer you a comprehensive packing service that includes all types of cartons including:

2 cube
4 cube
5 cube
6 cube
China cartons
Small and large microscopic mirror cartons
Gun cartons
Wardrobe cartons
If Premiere Van Lines does the packing for you, they will completely unpack those cartons for you. With wardrobe cartons, Premiere will be happy to remove all clothing and hang them in designated closets. Having Premiere do the packing will ensure that it is done properly.

For more information contact your Premiere Van Lines Victoria, BC office at 250-544-1420 or your local Premiere Van Lines office at 1-877-671-6683.