Even if you have moved numerous times locally, you may be surprised to learn that moving cross country is quite a bit more complicated. Moving from Moncton to Victoria (or other locations in Canada) involves a high degree of coordination and attention to detail. For this reason, the task is best left to cross country movers who have the proper expertise and resources. A cross country move is definitely not a “DIY” endeavour.

So where does one start to find the right cross-country mover who can be trusted to handle your move in a totally professional manner? Obviously, a personal recommendation from someone you trust is ideal. Ask family, friends or co-workers if they have had a positive long distance moving experience with a mover in your area or know of someone who has. Another good source is your realtor who can provide a referral to a long distance moving company who they trust to do a good job for their clients.

These days many people use the internet to search out potential service providers. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of moving company websites, but before you do a random search why not narrow your search only to legitimate long distance moving specialists?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of rogue movers out there with attractive web sites, but who do not have the resources to actually provide the service they are selling. A “Red Flag” is a mover with a website that does not show a physical address for the company that you can verify. This is usually a sign that they don’t actually have their own trucks, personnel and warehouse needed to be a legitimate moving company. You definitely don’t want to waste your time with companies that fall into this category.

Instead, start by going to www.mover.net to get the names of moving companies in your area who are members of the Canadian Association of Movers. CAM members are required to abide by the Association’s standards and code of ethics. Companies who are members of CAM are usually also authorized agents for a national van line which also requires them to operate under strict quality and service rules and regulations. Once you have chosen two or three companies then you can go to their individual websites for more information and to make contact directly.

Here are ten important questions to ask when interviewing potential cross-country movers:

  1. Will you send a trained moving consultant to my home to view the contents to be moved in order to provide an accurate cost estimate? If the answer is no…beware. This could be a sign of a rogue mover.
  2. Will you provide me with a detailed estimate that provides a breakdown of costs including: estimated weight of shipment; transportation cost per hundred pounds; fuel surcharges; city or other surcharges; cargo protection premium; packing/unpacking cost (if service chosen); taxes etc.?
  3. Will you provide a cost guarantee in writing and spell out any parameters (i.e. within 10%)?
  4. How do you determine how long it will take to deliver my possessions?
  5. Will you provide a guaranteed delivery time frame in writing and is there any compensation if you do not deliver by the last day of the transit period?
  6. Do you provide the option of purchasing “full replacement coverage” for any lost or damaged items? Will you provide a transit protection certificate or a written list of any exemptions to the coverage?
  7. Do you have an office (or affiliated agent) in the destination city to provide any services needed or to assist me to get settled in?
  8. What steps must I take if I have to file a claim for loss or damage to any of my belongings?
  9. What is the average length of time to settle a claim?
  10. Who do I contact if have any problems and are they available after normal business hours?

Choosing the right cross-country mover is essential for a successful long-distance relocation. For more information contact your local Premiere Van Lines office.