Individuals or companies in Victoria, British Columbia (or other cities) who have a large safe to be moved would be wise to use a professional mover to do this job. Moving an item that can weigh a minimum of 500 lbs up to over 2,000 lbs is not an easy task. There is a significant possibility of personal injury or property damage. To avoid these kind of problems you should hire a moving company that has the expertise and equipment to move your safe.

Before choosing a company, take the time to ask prospective movers to explain exactly how they move a safe. Their answers will help you to select the right company for this difficult job. Because of its weight and size, moving a large safe is quite different from moving furniture. A professional mover will clearly explain how they approach this moving challenge.

A truly professional moving company will explain that they will assess the job in advance with an eye towards avoiding any damage to floors, walls, stairs, doors or other areas where the safe is being moved from.

The mover will tell you that they will assign crew members who have been trained on the proper procedures for moving a large safe. This is to ensure that it is done in a safe and efficient manner. The last thing the moving company wants is to have any of their personnel injured on the job.

Their van operator or crew supervisor will start by preparing the area by protecting flooring. Depending on what type of flooring is involved, it may be necessary to put down protective plywood to help cushion the floors from the excessive weight of a large safe. This is usually the case with some types of tile which can easily crack. With hardwood or carpet the regular, heavy duty professional floor runners are usually adequate.

The mover will tell you that their next step will be to protect stair cases and door frames. This is usually done by padding these areas with clean moving pads and taping them in place. A professional mover will take every precaution to avoid any damage to your home or commercial facility throughout the move.

They will tell you in advance to empty the safe of its contents. This is done to help reduce the weight and eliminate any problems that could arise from the shifting of items stored in a safe. This is particularly important when it comes to a large gun safe. In some instances, the door to the safe may be removed.

A professional moving company will explain that they will use the right equipment to safely move a large safe. This will include a hydraulic dolly that is specifically designed to handle the weight and is particularly useful when moving on stairs. Heavy duty ratchet straps will be used to secure the safe to the dolly. An adequate number of personnel will also be assigned to help move the safe and secure it in position on the truck for transport.

Selecting a professional moving company like Premiere Van Lines to move your large safe will ensure the job will be done in a timely, safe and efficient manner. For more information call our Premiere Van Lines Victoria, BC Branch at 250-544-1420 or contact Premiere Van Lines office closest to you today.