Moving during the summer months can be challenging due to the hot weather in Victoria and other cities across North America. Here are some tips to help:

Physical Effort

Stay hydrated. Have lots of water and sports drinks on hand for your family and friends or the movers who are assisting with your move. Most people are not used to the heavy physical labour required to move. On a day where the temperature approaches 85 degrees, inside the moving truck it is at least 20 degrees hotter. Once you get the items to the truck for loading you will need to spend more time in the hot truck positioning items so that they don’t get damaged.


Be prepared for rain. Have furniture blankets or stretch wrap on hand to protect your wood and upholstered furniture as it is being loaded or unloaded on the truck. To protect your floors, use flattened cardboard or rent floor runners with rubber backing that are made specifically for moving.

Condition of Truck

Renting a truck in the summer can be a dicey. Demand is high and many of the truck rentals have mechanical issues. If they break down a replacement may not be readily available.  A professional mover has a fleet of modern trucks in excellent condition to fulfil your need and they will ensure that the correct size of truck is sent to accommodate all your belongings.


If you are attempting to do the move on your own, you will naturally be slower because of the heat. This means it will take you longer to load which could delay you finishing the move before the new homeowner arrives. If that individual is using a professional moving company, you could be on the hook for waiting time costs while they wait for you to complete the loading.

After the Move

Be sure to keep out a change of clothes and some towels as you will be hot and sticky after loading and unloading. Plan to go out for dinner or if you decide to order in, be sure to ask for utensils and napkins.

Consider hiring a professional mover like Premiere Van Lines who have experienced moving professionals who know how to tier furniture properly to maximize space and reduce loading time. They also have all the necessary equipment to move things with less physical effort, reducing the chance that something will get damaged. For more information contact our Victoria office at 250-544-1420 or call Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.