Congratulations on your move! This blog will provide tips on how to choose a moving company in Edmonton that meets your specific requirements.

Coast to Coast Mover

If you are moving to Edmonton from another city or province, make sure the moving company does not subcontract your move out to someone else because they do not have the proper equipment, licenses, or insurance.

Rogue Movers

When you are moving long distance to or from Edmonton, take the time to check out potential movers. Why? Many rogue movers advertise that they are national and have slick websites and ads. Check their Google reviews, Better Business Bureau rating, and if they are a member of the Canadian Association of Movers.

Choose a Moving Company in Edmonton

Only qualified movers who abide by a professional code of conduct belong to the Canadian Association of Movers. Members are screened to ensure they have trucks, licenses, and warehouses to service your move. The Association also has a list of rogue movers on their website with links to media stories about them.

Another key point in choosing a moving company in Edmonton is to take the time to drive by a potential mover’s facility. If you see trucks, equipment, a warehouse, and an office, that is a sign they are a professional mover. If not, it may be a flag that it is a rogue mover.

Above all, remember that you are entrusting all your possessions to a mover. Ensuring the Edmonton moving company you hire is a professional mover is well worth the time and effort.

More Information

If you would like more information and to arrange a no-obligation moving quote, you can contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683. Premiere has twelve locations across Canada, including Edmonton, and is also a member of Atlas Van Lines and the Canadian Association of Movers.