Rogue movers exist. Some horror stories include rogues holding goods for ransom, extremely long delivery delays, and lastly, damage claims not being honored. This blog will give you the information you need on how to hire a legitimate mover.

Verify your Mover

The Canadian Association of Movers defines rogues as people who prey on the moving public. Avoid hiring a rogue mover by taking the time to check into their business. Check with your local Better Business Bureau, contact the Canadian Association of Movers at 1-866-860-0065 to ensure the mover is a member in good standing. In addition, check their Google reviews.

Another key point is rogues advertise they are members of the Canadian Association of Movers or a name very close to this. The Canadian Association of Movers is the only association a credible, professional mover can belong to.

In addition, rogues operate under several different names and have more than one website to fool people.

Mover’s Location

Legitimate moving companies have a warehouse, large signage at the front of their building, and logoed trucks. Beware of a company that does not want to give you their address or does not have one listed on their website. If they have an address listed, search to see if it is an apartment building or an office tower. These are signs of a rogue mover.

Professional movers welcome you to visit their facilities compared to rogues, who do not want you to see where they do business.

Cost to Move

A legitimate moving company will provide you with a detailed quote outlining all your move charges. For a long-distance move, they will send a moving consultant to your home to view the items to be moved.

Rogue movers in comparison, do not send anyone to your home, and their final cost can vary wildly from what you expected. And, they will give you a lowball price to book your move/get your money.


The long-standing, traditional van lines in Canada are Allied Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines, Mayflower Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and United Van Lines. 

Premiere is affiliated with Atlas Van Lines, a worldwide moving company. This is important because it offers another layer of protection in a dispute. With a rogue, you will spend all your time chasing after them with no results.

Insurance and Cargo Protection

A legitimate mover has proper insurance in the event of a vehicle accident. In addition, they can also offer you a cargo protection plan to cover your shipment in transit. Although rogue movers may charge you for cargo protection, they often broker your move to a third party or do not service it at all.

For more information on how to hire a legitimate mover, or to get a no-cost moving quote, contact Premiere Van Lines at 1-877-671-6683.