Congratulations on your move! Now it is time to decide if you will do all, some, or none of your packing. Proper packing is essential for a successful move. The following will provide practical information on how to know when a moving company should pack for you.

  • Your time is precious if you work full-time and have children. What can take weeks and months to pack will take a professional mover approximately one day.
  • The mover is not responsible for owner-packed items unless there is outside damage to the carton. Based on this, have the moving company pack your breakables and fragile items, such as china, crystal, collectibles, artwork, and antiques.
  • If you are asked to relocate to the new location quickly, you will not have time to pack up your home.
  • If a partner or spouse is asked to start their job in the new location early, the family is left behind to pack and move on their own.

If you decide to do some of your packing, take advantage of the packing tips that your mover can provide. Most moving companies have step-by-step ‘How to Pack for Your Move’ guides or videos.

Professional quality packing materials make packing easier and provide the best protection for your belongings. Purchase cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and other materials from your mover or a moving supply store.

Other Packing Tips

Start Early

If you are packing on evenings and weekends, the earlier you start, the better. Begin with items you don’t need for daily living and purge as you go along.

Do a Room at a Time

Try not to mix the contents of different rooms in the same box. This will make the unpacking and settling in more time-consuming. In addition, each carton should be labeled to identify the room it came from and provide a general description of its contents.

Pack a Last On-First Off Box

Once you arrive at your new home, you will need items immediately to settle in. Pack a box of these essentials and clearly mark the box. This way, the mover will load the box last on the moving van and unload it first at your new home.

Items that cannot Go on the Moving Van 

For safety reasons, aerosols, flammables, and combustibles cannot be shipped on a moving van. Make sure you review your mover’s list of non-admissible items in advance.

Items of a personal or irreplaceable nature

These items should be kept with your luggage. Examples include jewellery, deeds to property, stock certificates, photo albums, and coin collections.

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