Let’s face it; everything is more expensive these days including packing supplies. So how can you save on packing supplies and pack your house on a budget?

Packing on a budget:

  1. Purge. Go through your home and sort what to keep, donate or sell, and items to dispose of. Most importantly, this will save you money and unnecessary time packing items you do not need or want.
  2. After decluttering, re-use any empty plastic bins and fill up partially full bins.
  3. Talk to your mover about buying gently used cartons. These are professional moving cartons that have been used one time previously.
  4. Ask your local grocery store, dollar store, and  LCBO for cartons. In addition, find out when their delivery trucks arrive each week, as the chances of getting cartons will be higher.
  5. Ask family, friends, and neighbours to save any cartons they get from deliveries. If you know anyone who just moved, see if you can have their cartons.
  6. Use towels, dishcloths, and pillowcases to wrap everyday non-fragile items, then place them in cartons or bins.
  7. You can purchase packing paper from your mover or local big box store for dishes and fragile items. This paper is recyclable, and you will not have to wash the items after your move. This will also save on time and utilities.
  8. If you purchased wardrobe cartons, put shoes, boots, or pillows in the bottom of the wardrobe container.
  9. Are you moving a short distance? Take bulky items that are difficult to pack (like lampshades) in your vehicle.
  10. Plan your meals around food you already have in your freezer and fridge. This way, there will be fewer cartons or bins to pack on move day.

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