Cross Country Move Estimate

Professional moving companies use a pricing schedule called a Tariff for moves going from one province to another. As each moving estimate differs depending on the shipment size, the distance, and the required services, this blog will explain how to understand a moving estimate.


If you are moving cross country, get a quote from an accredited, professional moving company. The moving estimate should have a complete breakdown of all the charges so you will be confident that the quote is accurate. Moving costs are broken down into rate sections for:

  • Transportation & Fuel Surcharges
  • Large City Service Charges, Remote Area Surcharges, Ferry Charges
  • Packing Charges and Unpacking Charges
  • Automobile Transportation Charges (if you are shipping an auto)
  • Full Replacement Cargo Protection Charges

The rates are generally based on a per 100 lbs basis, based on the estimated weight of your shipment. This is why having the moving company do an in-home survey of the goods you are moving is so important. If partial packing services are required instead of full packing, the packing and unpacking charges will be calculated on a per-carton basis to save you money.


Most movers offer a discount from their gross Tariff rates. The discount is applied when they enter your information into their estimating program. This means the moving quote you receive will already include the discounts. Confirm this with the moving company representative when they present your moving quote.

For more information on how to understand a moving estimate or to request an in-home moving quote, call Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877- 671-6683.