Whether you are moving overseas for a new job or moving to the place of your dreams to retire, the following information will give you an overview of what you can expect on an international relocation:


If you are planning on living in a new country, find out what kind of visa you will need to reside and work there. If your employer is arranging the transfer, they will most likely arrange for your visa through an immigration lawyer. If you are planning on tackling this yourself, the best place to start is to contact the country’s embassy to get full details on the requirements. Most countries have web sites that include immigration information with downloadable forms. In some cases, you may be required to appear in person at a local embassy for a personal interview. This process can take up to six months so start as early as possible.


Once you have your visa approved, you will need to start planning your move. This is where a professional moving company like Premiere can make the process much smoother by guiding you on options for shipping such as air or ocean along with customs requirements and the documentation that will be required to ship your goods. With affiliates in over 100 countries, Premiere can provide you with door to door service.


Housing choices outside of North America are often much smaller than most people are accustomed to. In some areas around the word, apartments are more plentiful than homes. These apartments are usually more compact than apartments in North America. Take this into consideration when deciding what furniture to ship. If you need to store items in Canada, Premiere Van Lines offers clean, safe, government approved, temperature-controlled storage on a short or long-term basis. 

Banking and Finances

Setting up bank accounts and arranging for new credit cards can be a burdensome process in many countries. Credit reports from Canada are not valid for arranging financing in many countries. Even renting an apartment usually requires financial references. Be prepared and ask for a letter from your Canadian bank with details about your financial position. Check with your new country’s embassy or immigration department to ensure you are aware of all the requirements.


Although English is the most-used international language, not everyone in your new country will be fluent in English. Learn to speak the native language of your country through self-learning systems like Rosetta Stone or Babel. If you have enough time before moving, take a language class at a local college or school. Purchasing a digital translation device or translation app will also be useful.


Moving overseas will give you exposure to a new culture. Go in with an open mind and try not to compare everything to what you had in North America. When possible, attend local events and festivals and soak up as much culture as possible. Most importantly, have some fun!

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