It’s moving time, and you are ready to start packing. Did you know that there are many items in a home that you should never pack to go on a moving truck?

Dangerous Goods

Items that can explode, combust, or corrode are considered dangerous goods and cannot be transported on a moving truck. Many items in a home are dangerous goods, like laundry detergents, bleaches, paints, paint thinners, hairspray, everyday household cleaners, barbecue tanks (even if they have been purged), empty gas cans, etc. Your professional mover can give you a complete list of dangerous goods. Plan to pack these items and transport them in your vehicle or dispose of them at a hazardous waste depot in your area.


Plants can only be transported on the moving truck if it is a move within the same city and the temperature is not too hot or cold. Even then, the plants are considered perishable and are shipped at the owner’s risk. This means if they are damaged, the moving company is not liable.


Only canned goods and dry goods can be shipped on the moving truck on a short distance move. All food items are considered perishables, which means the moving company is not liable for any spoilage.  If you are moving across the country in the summer months, the temperature in the moving truck can get quite high. We always recommend that customers use up as much food as possible before they move.

Wine and Liquor

Movers are not licensed to carry wine and liquor. If you are having the movers pack your shipment, the packers will pack the liquor and wine for you, but the boxes will need to be transported in your vehicle.

Open Items

Opened items like shampoos, fabric softeners, etc., should be taped closed and packed in plastic bins. Most moving companies will not accept open liquids on the truck. If they were to leak, it could cause damage to other items in your shipment. Plan to move these items in the car with you.

For a complete list of dangerous goods or to get a moving quote, contact Premiere Van Lines toll-free at 1-877-671-6683.